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Do Orthodontic braces only used for the purpose of straightening teeth recess the face?  

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Hello! I've only recently discovered the world of orthotropics and craniofacial growth and have a number of questions regarding its relation to my previous orthodontic treatment. I began treatment in my freshmen year of highschoool around 4 months before my 15th birthday and have since then had to undergo an orthodontic surgery to remove two impacted baby canine teeth from my sinus cavity whilst attaching two "hooks" to my adult teeth which at that point where pushed well into my palate. It's been around two and a half years and said adult canines are completely in place! Now that these teeth are in place i requested that my orthodontist only use my braces to straighten my teeth (no bite correction). Upon inquiring about the forces being applied to my teeth (whether they are being pushed inwards or outwards). My ortho responded with a confused look and stated that they are only being spaced, not moved in nor out. Sorry for the long story, but i believe such details are important. What do you guys think of my case and other like it?

Posted : 07/10/2019 8:41 pm
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I'm not really sure about what your were asking in your post, but I'll give my best answer to your title.

Orthodontists typically use the method of recessing your face to get straight teeth. 

The part where your orthodontist said they only space teeth. The only answer I can think of is when they remove teeth and than fill in that gap by bringing back the teeth ahead of it, which causes facial recession. 

Lets say if you had your 1st molars removed and now you only have your 2nd molars they'll retract the teeth that aren't the2nd molars.

Posted : 13/10/2019 6:12 pm