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Do I have the DOME timeline roughly correct?

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Came to this forum a while ago thinking about a Vivos DNA Appliance ... but have spent some more time studying it, and am now leaning a bit more towards DOME.  So I'm trying to understand the impacts of the process, so that I can time when I'd start it to be least impactful to my life.  I do some public speaking for a few months of the year, so it's important to understand how things might progress.  

Does this seem about right?

  • First 7-10 days: Spent getting appliance implanted, then it sounds like oral surgery procedure to start help the split?  Some pronunciation problems probably start due to the implant in the roof of the mouth.
  • Next 30 days:  Patient starts cranking things open for a month, achieving 8-10mm diastema.  At the end of this part, this is probably the worst you're going to look and sound - phonation problems with not only the appliance in the mouth, but a large ~1cm gap between the front teeth ... must make talking quite a challenge.  Probably some eating problems with certain foods as well (corn on the cob).  So I'm thinking late January - mid February would be a perfect time to hit this part, since I'm largely indoors hibernating anyways.
  • Next 6-8 months:  Expansion is complete, but appliance is left in roof of mouth to help stabilize.  Braces get slapped on (or do Invisalign) in order to move teeth back into a normal position.  Phonation problems probably still exist, but decrease as the brain learns to compensate a little and the diastema starts closing up due to the braces.  Then the appliance comes out.
  • Next 1-4 months:  Braces remain until teeth end up in their final position.

So all in all, it sounds like 9-12 months ... and the absolute worst is probably in days 15-90.  So if I really wanted to target when I'd have minimal overall social impacts (diastema + braces + phonation) it sounds like I should start the process about 6-7 months before when I'd need to be doing a lot of my public speaking.

Does that timeline sound about right?


Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2020 8:40 pm