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Do I have Pericoronitis?  

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I am wondering whether I  have pericoronitis or maybe another problem? I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or not, but it's  only come on recently, and I have  just recently started using a Y Active Plate Expander. But I first noticed a around a week a go that I started getting some soreness next to my bottom left wisdom tooth every time I eaten or brushed my teeth. I checked in the mirror only just today and noticed the area looks fine, until I lift up the tissue that is around the tooth where I can see some redness in the corner. I am thinking it might  be pericoronitis, but I am not getting all the symptoms stated, it's only when I brush or eat on that area that it feels sore. It feels fine unless I do these two things. 

I have tried to take a video of the affected area, sorry if it's a bit gross: 

You can see if I move the tissue off the wisdom tooth , there is some redness and it bleeds a bit if I pull a bit too much.

Would be grateful for any advice. I am really trying to avoid the dentist because extractions are the last thing I want.



Posted : 12/08/2019 1:06 pm

As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

Your input could help many, many people

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