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Dentists treating Tourette syndrome?

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I'm half drunk and i was having a discussion with a girlfriend of mine that is studying dentistry about the current state of orthodontics and the overall hugely underrated importance it has for overall health, both physically and psychologically.

Halfway trough the conversation Tourettes Syndrom crossed my mind..

"In contradiction to current neurobiological concepts of Tourette syndrome (TS) there is a small dental literature suggesting abnormalities of temporomandibular joint alignment cause tics via reflexes of the spinal trigeminal nucleus, without involvement of the brain."

Going to explain why here !!

I have TMJ and i smoke weed sometimes to relax.

The thing about smoking weed with TMJ, especially when youre mewing is that it feels like you're body is fighting your brain. It's like your brain wants more oxygen to deep breathe but since you've been mewing and your facial muscles are hypertrophied you go into a state of havoc between the high and the muscles. It's hard to explain.

Let me try again:

Weed makes your body want to relax you to a point of optimal breathing. Which means that, if you're CFD case is bad enough(especially TMJ wise), you will feel the need to open your mouth and relax fully.

BUUUT IIIIIFFFF you "fight" the weed and keep your Mouth closed you literally get tics similar to Tourettes ones. Your TMJ will tingle. Im sure alot of you have seen people at partys with these tics.. it usually means theyre high out of their minds. They move their lower jaws like crazy and go from mouth breathing to nose breathing 10 times in 5 minutes.

It may sound stupid to alot of you but i'm sure the weed smokers and the people who has been inside the partying world out there will understand.

Watch this video: This is what i meant up there! She is socially active at that moment and is trying to nose breathe but having in mind shes high it's like her brain is trying to to 2 thing at once that cant be done together because shes high.

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I completly understand that Tourettes is a neurological condition and i'm not saying CFD is the cause of it BUT i'd say it has a role.

I got home and i searched Tourettes and i saw this video:

pause at 0.30m and you can see the facial asymmetry and jaw tics

Then this:

again big facial asymmetry (these are just random picks but if you search more yyoull see what i mean)

I continued seeing videos and i couldnt stop noticing Midline deviations, jaw asymmetries, eye asymmetries, occlusal plane tilts, head tilts, just overall bad cases of CFD.

Then i saw this video: Orthopedic growth and TMJ treatment for tics!

"In contradiction to current neurobiological concepts of Tourette syndrome (TS) there is a small dental literature suggesting abnormalities of temporomandibular joint alignment cause tics via reflexes of the spinal trigeminal nucleus, without involvement of the brain."

After all i wasnt wrong. BUT NOW..

What about Down Syndrom, Asperger's.. etc..??

This is a distinct Down Syndrom face

The same happens for Aspergers and other type of neurological diseases we can't cure yet.

Like i said i understand that these diseases are neurological but i can't stop thinking that CFD and spinal health may be a potential cause that isn't being tackled as it could probably massively help these people!

Maybe CFD isnt a cause and is simply an effect of these diseases but yeah..

The forums have been a little dead and i just wanted to create a little discussion and hear more about this sort of thing because CFD seems to be a very important subject to overall health of the body and mind!

This is a bit of a big rant sorry! But one more thing:

What about overall state of mind directly correlating to how your facial muscles rest? Or the contrary? We know that depression and sadness usually are accompanied with a slouched posture and a recessed face.

A recessed face is usually a face that "rests sad". 

I just think this all makes too much sense man. Im in love with this field of orthodontics and neurology investigation.

Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2019 10:23 pm
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This is fascinating!

Posted : 30/11/2019 10:12 pm
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Firstly I want to correct you about down sindrome. That's purely a genetic mutation involving an "unnecessary" cromosoma 21 duplication.

Two orthos guessed that I suffer of migrain due to my malocclusion and high palate.  They were right, because I have been diagnosed of migraine with aura, but they didn't investigate further... (maybe because it's just theory at the moment)

I used to suffer of migrain attacks 2-3 per month. After full body mewing It lowered at 0-1 per 2 months.

Maybe I am being naive, but I am quite sure my maxilla shifted forward 5-6 mms, adding volume to my front cranial space lowering its pressure.

I am more and more conviced that there are some connections between malocclusion and chronic neurological and psycological diseases, like migraine, tourette's, ADHD, depression ecc.

(But I'd exclude the whole autistic spectrum at the moment)


Posted : 01/12/2019 3:52 am
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There is a clinic in south korea that treats neurological disorders by correcting TMJ.
Disorders such as tourettes, dystonia, tic disorder etc. 
Its called Functional Cerebro Spinal Therapy or FCST.

Edit: Here is a general explanation behind the idea:
And here is another more detailed one:

Edit 3: Its located in south korea and not japan. 

Posted : 01/12/2019 7:07 am
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I don't know about your claims about weed, OP. I am a chronic smoker (literally and figuratively) and weed does not cause me to go into a mouth breathing status. Weed has helped me actually gain more awareness of body balance, however.

Maybe your stuff is stronger than mine or our bodies receive the drug differently. 

My jaw tingles when I drink wine, however. 

Posted : 01/12/2019 8:38 am