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Cranio Sacral Therapy Session good results, method to do at home  

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Hello everyone. This is in response to another post that I have seen talking about the pops in the head with the releases of bones. I had craniosacral therapy where they manipulate the occiput bone, and I could feel my skull being slightly expanded as the muscles loosened up. The therapy lasted over an hour and was very relaxing and worthwhile, I would recommend it if you can find someone near you. They seem to know exactly what this forum is talking about and I think Mike Mew should look at this field as well.

I asked if there was anything that I could do at home, and was told this method which has had similar popping and relief, though not as consistent as with a practitioner: In a seated position, lean up against a wall and put the bottom of your skull/occiput bone against it. Using the wall as friction, lengthen the neck and stretch out the muscles. Do not use force, just let gravity slowly stretch everything out. Do it for 15 or so minutes, you should get releases, maybe multiple. 

This was advice given for my specific situation though. Use it with caution for yourself

Posted : 09/01/2018 4:00 pm
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This is great. Thanks for sharing. Over the last days I have done something similar:

1. I begin by firmly stretching the neck towards the ceiling until the musculature has loosened.

2. Then I exhale and relax EVERYTHING in my head, neck and shoulder area (tongue included) as much as possible, while still managing to maintain the head upright. I think of it as if the skin and the muscles are melting downwards away from the skull and pulling the sutures apart with the weigh of gravity.

3. Almost immediately, series of clicks and cracks begin to be felt and heard along the occipital area, starting from 1-2 per second and then slowing down for the following minute or two.

I do this 2-3 times a day, usually after when heavy periods of mewing have lead to sensations of strain in the skull. I have done the exercise in several different positions, and it seems that the largest amount of cracks happens when I am turning my more drooping side (left) towards 1-2 o'clock so that it is facing forward. The vast majority of these shifts happen precisely on the drooping/recessed side of the occipital area.

Posted : 09/01/2018 5:29 pm

I dont really get it, my english isnt perfect.. Can you make it easier explained?

Posted : 11/01/2018 1:59 pm


Posted : 15/01/2018 9:12 am
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I do something very similar at bedtime: without a pillow, lie on your back and stretch the occiput toward the headboard as far as you can, letting the chin drop downward so you can feel the cervical curve flatten. I like to stay here as long as I can--it's very soothing! I find that my habit is to get sleepy with the muscles at the base of the occiput tense and the chin thrust forward, which is actually really uncomfortable when I take time to notice it. You can also feel the airway expand while mewing in this position.

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