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chin advancement best strategy?  

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So ive  heard that widening the palate is the most important thing for chin advancement but i have pretty decent intermolar width and i haven't gained anything forward growth yet. But yesterday i learned that the front of my palate is narrow compared to the back and my top and bottom front teeth are retroclined so i was thinking even if my palate widens my mandible cant move forward if the front isnt expanded more? is that a logical theory?

Posted : 11/07/2018 2:42 pm
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I don't think the front part of the palate being a bit narrower than the back is anything uncommon. If anything it might be a good thing because that would mean there's some more width/horizontal mass on your side (maxillary/cheekbones). My palate isn't narrow overall, but is perfectly even front and back -- basically meaning my maxilla is longer and more narrow/vertical.

If your chin isn't good, is it because of a short mandible? The deadly combo is usually a short ramus and a short mandible (in length from chin tip to ramus bottom) -- because this means the jaw sits higher up and swings down more vertically and has less length to give forward protrusion. Tough issue to combat because even with a forward maxilla, shorter mandibles still can seem more down grown because of the also short ramus. Best bet would be to try and move the maxilla forward and down a bit if your maxilla is already decently rotated/forward -- because pulling down actually seems to affect the condyles of the mandible somewhat (I noticed this from pulling this way steadily with face pulling for a few recent weeks). 

I can't say for sure if this would help, but it definitely won't increase the length of the ramus itself. If anything, it will swing it forward since moving the maxilla by pulling a little downward  moves the teeth in a specific way that makes the mandible slide forward rather than try to go up (as when the maxilla upturns). 

Basically, my theory is that -- you pull up, the mandible bite slides up and only a little forward-- but if you pull down, the mandible drops down and slides forward due to the angle difference, improving the lower-third more. So the idea here is that maybe face pulling should be downwards and not just upwards as well, perhaps? Or downwards more after it's CCW rotated?

This is just my theory here -- I have no evidence/proof of this making sense in a real application.

Also, without drugs/surgery this would probably take a long time to see significant difference.

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Posted : 15/07/2018 1:43 am
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I have a complicated bite i grinded my teeth and i had tongue posture except for in the back so i have a decently wide palate but because i grinded for so long and wore a mouth guard my bite is messed up,my upper front teeth are retroclined and kinda narrow and my lower teeth are retroclined as well so its hard to think of a solution.

Posted : 15/07/2018 10:21 pm

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