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Chewing Falim Gum with Front Teeth to Gain Angularity

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Hi everyone, you may have saw previous posts of mine regarding angularity and me wanting to achieve it after I lost it with mewing. Well I remember back before I had braces and started mewing, that when I would chew gum with my molars, my jaw flared out in a square shape, and when I chewed with my front teeth my jaw flared out in an angular shape. Day before yesterday I started to experiment with chewing Falim gum with my front teeth for about 40 minutes give or take, I skipped yesterday and did it again today and I can swear it looks like I'm gaining angularity just from these 2 days. I was chewing with my molars religiously an hour a day months ago until it started giving me a chipmunk-like, bloated appearance, so I stopped for about 5 months until I started this method 2 days ago. I already lost face fat I had from not chewing since I started this. What do you all think?

Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2018 9:08 pm
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I chew by pushing my mandible against my incisors. My hope here is to get good lip support (maybe make that upper lip pout more) and also to make my jaw move ahead of my face more for that same angularity. 

Funny how I had these great things without braces. Yes I had almost a full underbite but my jaw was strong. The orthodontist made it weak by retroclining my incisors. It really flattened my face. Funny. I used to hate my protrusive features. Now I miss them. I thought they looked primitive. I now realize they were just very masculine.  

Posted : 05/12/2018 11:28 pm
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@EddieMoney I read somewhere too that you're supposed to chew pushing mandible into upper teeth aswell. Is this for overbite as well?

Also I have been doing some towel pulling with my incisors, because I saw a pic of some hunter gatherer kid pulling raw meat with his incisors, so that reminded me. I'm hoping that this will make my upper teeth flare out or whatever the word is for that.

Posted : 06/12/2018 10:37 pm