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Can my bone change at 15 ?

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I dont see any progress picture on this forum and the one of reddit are surgery, im starting to think that mewing is bullshit, and aslo there is no definitive anwser on how we should mew, some are saying soft mewing does nothing, and others are saying hardmewing will do nothing etc.


So my question is how should i mew, and at 15, can i see actual visible bone change ? Because before my face was way better but i started mouthbreathing and i got shitty tired eyes, flat face and my face isnt wide anymore so i was thinking of reversing the damages.


For the moment i only fixed my neck posture but i but i still have difficulties with consistency with tongue posture.


Sorry for the bad english.


Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2021 2:37 pm
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Do facepulling and/or mewing in a meditative fashion, i.e., lay yourself down, relax and just try focusing elsewhere mentally while sort of playing around with your tongue on your palate; or if pulling some object pulled forward from biting lightly with your teeth.


I couldn't get myself to sit and just do this stuff with distractions -- so maybe your best bet could be "zoning out" or something and just doing it in small bouts while trying to passively put your mind elsewhere/not really think about it. Of course most won't post pictures because the results are hardly dramatic -- but some people do seem to "ascend" in the aesthetic sense more than others.

** The face pulling "bag method" -- **
** Keengo Chin Tuck method w/force (WIP)-- **

Posted : 30/05/2021 12:41 am