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Can Life-Long Retainer Use Ruin Your Face/Make Your Face Look Worse?

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Question in title. I myself have not seen many threads or info on this topic, but can wearing a plastic/clear Invisalign retainer, that covers all of your top and bottom teeth, every night before going to sleep for the rest of your life actually prevent your face from growing optimally as it should with mewing or make your face look worse at all?

I have heard that you could possibly cause slight damage to your teeth since if you mew during the day and wear a plastic/clear Invisalign retainer before going to sleep, it would slightly shift the teeth back and forth, however, does anyone here know whether wearing a plastic/clear Invisalign retainer every night for the rest of your life can possibly prevent your face from growing optimally or as good as it should be if you were to just risk going without any retainer at all and mewing forever?

If the life-long retainer use is indeed somehow preventing optimal facial growth that you could achieve from mewing without a retainer, I am wondering whether I should risk stopping my plastic/clear Invisalign retainer each night in order to get possible results from mewing, however, I am scared as I could possibly have my teeth shift/move back to their original crooked/misaligned position they were in before I had braces even if I do mew constantly 24/7. Overall I am having a hard time deciding what to do as it seems there are cases where people relapse back to their crooked teeth they had before braces, even while mewing correctly & constantly 24/7. Teeth, without having any form of retainers at all, WILL move, and I am unsure myself if your tongue alone can act as a strong enough retainer or have enough force or pressure alone to withstand your teeth moving back to their original/crooked form they were in before having braces even if you do mew correctly and constantly 24/7.

If I were to even try going without my clear/plastic Invilisang retainer each night and my teeth were to go crooked again, I think I would just get braces again and just have a permanent retainer behind my top 4 teeth and bottom 6 teeth so that I can at least gain some expansion from mewing, but still be able to keep straight teeth. However, I am really conflicted as I am honestly unsure on what to do in regards to my situation to be honest. If anyone here has any advice and/or suggestions in regards to this dilemma, I would greatly appreciate it as I would like to know whether I should risk trying to go without my plastic/clear Invisalign retainers every night and just try mewing without any retainer at all in order to try gaining some expansion in my palate or increase my intermolar width.

Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2019 7:13 am