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Can a Gummy smile/ Long midface be reduced?  

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If yes how, I dont think that mewing could help me with that


But is there any device for that?



Please dont spam with some bro science

Posted : 09/11/2018 6:43 pm
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Your maxilla lacks forward growth. Forward and upward growth (which is the correct growth) will correct this.

How? This forum community is on the cutting edge of finding out how

"No bro science"

This is not misc. The users here deserve better than such callus dismissal. This is a developing field in human health: both clinical studies and academic science on this topic are in their infancy. Yet the members of this community are in contact with the bleeding edge of this field, new developments will he discussed here.

Users who cannot handle this are encouraged to lurk moar

Posted : 09/11/2018 7:38 pm ImperialMajesty and Tatsumi liked


As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

Your input could help many, many people

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