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Asymmetrical Face

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Hey, I love Mewing and Dr. Mikes work.


I have a slightly asymmetrical face.

But I am unsure which side of my face is the weak side.

It seems to be the left side, but also it seems that my cheekbone on the left side is sharper?

1. On which side should I mew more for facial symmetey?

2. And will it work a little bit on the asymmetry on my eyes? 

3. Ah yes, there is missing one teeth on the right side for about 1 year, can this have an impact in the sharpnes? Can I fix this with a new teeth?

Thank you


Topic starter Posted : 30/08/2019 6:44 pm
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Something trippy is going on here.  Your right hand side has more pushed out/up palate.  That's why your eye is higher.  You'd want to bring it down, but the funny thing is that your right-hand side of the jaw is lower.  The only way that this makes sense is if your condile is out on the right more.  Since you don't have much to lose, I'd try a thin deprogrammer for a week.  It should help to fix lower jaw...then work on the top.  You'll want to suck back in/down your palate on the right.  Do this with your tongue and if you do face push, that's very very dangerous.  DM me.

I'm going to venture to guess that you've been chewing gum or something on the right-hand side.  I guess you could also do that on your left.  The issue is that you can see from your smile that your muscles are stronger on the right.  See how your lip goes up?  It looks as though that is typical.  We all are a little asymmetric... your right ear appears to be higher than your left...but that's an illusion.  Your jaw is the issue.

If you want to go the easier route... I'd avoid face pushing (highly dangerous and unstable)...  Just deprogram and reassess.  Likely suck back in the maxillary bulge on the right and chew a little more on the left.

The missing tooth on the right would likely have had an opposite effect.   It's not the tooth.

By the way...don't stress.. I had crazy bulgy cheeks and brought them back.  I did.  There are some tricky things with it, but it's highly possible.  It's just bone displacement.

Posted : 31/08/2019 1:10 pm
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Hey, nice reply man

I swear I will give you 100€ via paypal If your tips will help me to improve!


1. Do I have a big asymmetrical face?

2. I had the asymetry in the eyes years ago before mewing, can correct them with mewing?

3. You are absolutly right that I chewed more on the right side (because of the missing teeth as "balance)

4. What do you mean with thin deprogrammer and how will it help on the jaw?

5. You are saying that I should mew more on the right side because my cheekbones are weaker there? How woul it effect my eye on this side, since it is already higher? 

6. what is face pushing? do you mean pressing the tongue?

7. so how can I make my jaw bigger on the left side if it is possible?

8. Man I will love you of you can help me haha




Topic starter Posted : 31/08/2019 8:06 pm