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Anyone Here Stopped Wearing Retainers and Saw Relapse even while Mewing?  

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Question in title. I want to know if anyone here had braces to correct their crooked or misaligned teeth and then stopped wearing retainers and also mewed. If so, did you see any relapse in your teeth at all or did your teeth go back to their original crowded or misaligned form that they were in before you had braces?


I am asking this because according to Dr. Mike Mew, mewing alone constantly 24/7 will prevent relapse even without a permanent retainer that is only behind the 4 top teeth? Mike Mew claims that proper oral posture alone is enough to stop the relapse. To my knowledge, no studies have been done to demonstrate whether this works or not. He also claims the retainers stop you from being able to expand your palate properly. Again, I don't think any studies have been done on this, although I can see how a Hawley or Clear/Plastic Invisalign retainer could prevent mewing progress. Now, I understand how a clear/plastic Invisalign retainer can prevent expansion with mewing as it just undoes whatever progress/expansion you make from mewing during the day when you wear the retainer at night, but a permanent retainer seems like you can at least get SOME expansion, as well as no retainer at all obviously giving the most amount of expansion possible as you mew.


But my main question is, how safe would it truly be if I had mastered proper tongue posture and mewed constantly 24/7, to try to go without retainers forever and hope that mewing alone will not cause my teeth to go crooked again? I guess the only true way for me to find out would be to TRY this out and see if my teeth go crooked again even after mewing constantly 24/7, but then again, if they were to go crooked again, I would have to pay for braces again AND have wasted time AND have messed up my teeth. That said, I would like to hear your guy's experiences with this. If anyone of you have stopped wearing retainers and mewed constantly 24/7, have you seen any relapse at all? I would really like to hear your guy's experiences to gauge whether I am safe to try this as well. Any advice and/or suggestions in regards to this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Posted : 20/10/2019 3:16 am
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This is a difficult question to answer but since I soon shall remove my braces here is my opinion. 

I do not believe that mewing consistently 24/7 will guarantee the prevention of relapse IN EVERY CASE. Why do I not think so? Because if the teeth were put in a position that the underlying bone cannot support (what mike mew calls out of the Balance zone) , then relapse will occur even if mewing is performed. Orthodontics and research indicates that extractions aid in lowering the likelihood of relapse (I still am not in favor of doing so at the cost of the risk of a "dished in" profile).  I believe that the presence of overprominent roots, tooth dehiscence  indicates the insufficiency of bone structure thus increasing the likelihood of relapse. 

However if sufficient bone structure is present (this is increased by orthodontics through growth appliances, mechanical expanders at a young age like hyrax, schwarz etc etc) then mewing and correct tongue posture, lip seal etc. etc.  will aid in the prevention of relapse. 

The real question is: "Is the likelihood of a better profile and a wider arch due to mewing (following growth cessation) at the cost of risking relapse worth it? " I would say Yes, since I would rather have my teeth in a position that can be supported without the use of the retainer.  Plus (a better Facial Profile) > (A smile that doesn't fit my face) 

Andrea KV


Posted : 20/10/2019 4:08 am
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@andreakv Thank you andreakv for your response, I really appreciate it. I think I will get a permanent/fixed retainer, wait 6 months to a year and if I see no relapse I will try mewing without even a permanent/fixed retainer. And then if I see relapse without the permanent retainer I guess I will just switch back to a permanent retainer forever and mew for the rest of my life because then at least I can keep the general alignment of my front 4 teeth (the ones that are more important since they are most visible when talking) and prevent possible relapse while still having at least more possibility of expansion from mewing as opposed to me just using a clear/plastic retainer each night, which would just undo mewing/expansion progress. Thanks again for your response and advice and have a good one. Also, if anyone else has any input and/or suggestions in regards to this post, I encourage others to share their experience in regards to mewing and possible relapse as I think it would help not only me but others in regard to this question as well.

Posted : 20/10/2019 5:08 am