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AGGA Do’s and Don’ts - Optimizing Your Forward Growth

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This thread is to discuss things patients can do to get the most out of AGGA. I have a lot of experience with this device and I have some knowledge of its pros and cons. The following are reflections and questions from my ongoing experience - from discussions with dentists and assistants who have openly described the successes and drawbacks of this device. Apologies that this post resembles an earlier post in another thread. The following points are all intended to be open for debate and discussion.

Key outcomes of AGGA:

  • Forward maxilla
  • Forward chin position
  • More square face (better gonial angle)
  • higher cheekbones
  • Possible negative side effects:
    • Reverse force of pushing maxilla in anterior direction is simultaneously pushing molar teeth back?
    • Natural regression of forward movement after removal of AGGA


Outcomes of Controlled Arch (following AGGA):

  • Widen palate
  • Higher cheekbones
  • Possible negative side effects:
    • Reverse force of pulling molar teeth forward could be that the newly-moved front of jaw simultaneously recedes (in some cases almost all the way back to where it began)?
    • If there is regression of front of maxilla, then where is that new bone moving back to - and displacing other bone further back?


Do's and don'ts:

  • Lower jaw position - my dentist says patients should push their lower jaw forward - in fact, more than feels comfortable at first.
  • Chewing - Is chewing compatible with AGGA (by which I mean chewing exercises or “tongue chewing” not normal eating)? Chewing removes the contact between the tongue and the roof of the mouth/the pad (which is the most important aspect of AGGA!).
  • Swallowing - What is ideal swallowing with AGGA? Do you sip frequently? Do you have ideal tongue posture at night (even with mouth taped)?
  • Stress - the first thing my dentist said to me when I had my second device put in was to relax. The more relaxed you are, the more your new bone will grow.
  • Tapping/pulsing - Pulse the pad “like a woodpecker” is the advice. How often? How hard? Can you overdo it?
  • Diet/Supplements - Eating do’s and don’ts - meat, protein, carbs, vegetables - specific foods recommended? What about herbs, herbal tea, etc.? I have lots of vegetables, Vitamin K2, magnesium and calcium. Any others?
  • Posture/exercise - How important is posture? Yoga? Meditation? Chin tuck exercises (can you do chin tuck while sitting/driving/walking)? Sit properly - e.g. don’t cross your legs, slouch, look down at screens, etc. Other exercises that promote forward growth with AGGA?Also lifestyle issues - limit screen time because - a) posture is worse, and, b) we swallow less when staring at screens?


Measuring success:

Also, it has to be said - what are we measuring? I have seen people describe all kinds of measurements but not the main one! The main measurement of the success or failure of AGGA, in my opinion, is the change in the nose-to-teeth “indicator line” measurement.

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I also see a strong correlation between yoga and mewing.

Apart from the obvious:
- Nasal breathing all the time

- Many asanas tuck the chin and stretch the neck (e.g. shoulder-stand)

- Also, you smile in some poses, similar to the "cheesy smile swallow" spoken about by Mike Mew. When you do cobra or many reverse back bends, you are asked to smile and breathe in the pose.

Topic starter Posted : 23/03/2019 9:13 pm