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A Hard Mewing Thread: Questions to all hard mewers 💣  

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It seems like a lot of people, me included, have a lot of questions and interest in the process of hard mewing. I thought it would be interesting to have a thread where you who hard mew could share information about your technique, answer questions and let all of us have a discussion about it all. Hopefully a lot of questions will be answered, and possibly a better conception of how to effectively do hard mewing will emerge. I think this could be benefitting to all of us participating. A list of suggestible questions is to be found lower down in this comment.

Note: The aim of this thread is not to question if hard mewing is a legit practice at all. It is of course an interesting and important subject, but to make for a good and easy overview, I think that topic should be subjected to a thread on its own. Please try to keep this in mind, but still feel free to discuss the matter of how to make hard mewing as effective as possible.

Note to hard mewers: If you have some other aspect to your technique that's not covered in the question list, please feel free to tell us about it in your comment! The more you share, the more appreciated your contribution will be. This seems crucial for making this thread benefiting to you and the other hard mewers, and not just us others who wants to know more. Also, please tell us a little bit about yourself; what age you started mewing at, if you practice or have been practicing any other techniques(face pulling, chin tucking, etc) and how hard mewing seems to have impacted your progress and results. Thank you!

Question list:

- How hard do you mew? Do you vary the amount, and if so, by how much? 
- Does your tongue get a burning sensation like during a workout?
- What parts of the tongue do you focus on pushing into the palette? The tip, middle, posterior third or the whole of the tongue?
- In what direction do focus the pressure? Forwards, upwards or both?
- How does hard mewing differ from soft mewing to you?
- Do you get the infamous bulge under our chin while mewing? Do you get any other visible signs when you hard mew, positive or negative, compared to soft mewing ?

If anyone has any other questions they would like to see included, please write me an PM and I will put them into the the question list. And of course, ask people directly in the comment section.

Happy mewing!

Posted : 28/06/2019 10:54 am
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- I'd say about 70% of the entire strength of my tongue. The amount varies all the time because i do it through "tongue chewing" or whatever its called. Basically im doing small swallong motions with my tongue all the time.

-Nope. I can do this for hours without a problem

-Mostly the middle and front

-Soft mewing for me is just resting the tongue on your palate. barely any forces applied in that position. Hard mewing is actually applying force to your palate. Its one of the reason why mewing doesnt work in adults in my opinion.

-Not at all. Quite the opposite. The second i start mewing, the "bulge" is gone. My cheeks and mouth move alot when i do hard mewing.

Posted : 28/06/2019 3:08 pm
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Great thread idea.  "Hard mewing" is such a vague term, everyone is doing it differently.  Time to take a more scientific approach and try to standardize what "hard mewing" means.

Regarding the bulge under your chin - I've read that you do not want that to happen.  Whether or not that's true, I find that I get the bulge if I'm pushing on the hard palate, which means my posterior third is *not* up.  If I'm pushing with the posterior third, there is little to no bulge.  Use that info how you will.  

Posted : 28/06/2019 4:20 pm
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- Pretty hard. Also probably about 70% of the tongues maximum strength. The amount of pressure varies- sometimes I push as hard as I can, other days I'm more lazy about it, but overall fairly consistent.

-When I first started maybe but my tongue is pretty used to it now.

-Mostly the tip, the front sides, and the middle, though lately I've been trying to focus on lateral expansion so I'm going to put more pressure on the back of the tongue and back sides.

-Forwards and upwards. 

-I always understood "soft mewing" to be just resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth. I did this for more than a year without experiencing much if any change.

- Nope. I don't even know what that would be from. My teeth, gums, and tongue usually have an achy feeling but I think that's a sign that something is happening.

Posted : 29/06/2019 5:21 pm
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- 100% of my strength intermittently, when I'm focused on hard mewing. Closer to 50% when I'm less focused.

- When I started hard mewing, it was almost impossible for me to do it for more than even 3 minutes at a time.

- It varies between the center of my tongue pushing straight up, the back of my tongue pushing straight up, and the back/middle of my tongue pushing up and outward. I don't have a particular schedule for when I do each of these. I just go by what feels right at the time. I've been bodybuilding for about 6 years very seriously, so I feel that I've developed a strong sense of listening to my body's feedback and I try to apply the same concept to my mewing. I never push more than 20% effort with the tip of my tongue. When I tried more than that in the past, it put very uncomfortable pressure on my front teeth and didn't seem to produce any positive results.

- Soft mewing is just holding correct tongue posture with the least amount of force that you can use and still sustain the posture.

- I had major bulge in the beginning -- think like the neck of a bullfrog expanding. It went away almost completely now, because the muscles around my jaw and chin are so much larger and more developed, and my posture is so much better that it's unnoticeable. I definitely don't think that the bulge is something negative, it's just indicative of how terrible your posture is and how underdeveloped your muscles are in their current state.

For the record, I've had what I would consider to be awesome progress.

Posted : 29/06/2019 8:09 pm