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3 days into mewing  

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I started mewing 3 days ago and now my gums and teeth are in a ton of pain. It's similar to the pain of braces. This means my teeth are shifting, right? How long does it last and when will I see results? I'm female and 17 years old, by the way.


I started this joruney to hopefully atleast try and fix my:

-Recessed Maxilla


-Long jaw

-Small teeth

-One side of jaw bigger than other

-Deviated nasal septum

-One eye bigger than other

-Eyes that bulge

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Posted : 06/12/2018 4:14 am
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3 months into mewing. beginning is the hardest. after that your tongue will get used to the new position. u will experirence less pain. i can now breath through both of my nostrils

Posted : 06/12/2018 6:26 am
lil nut
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Do you just let it hang there and not push into your airway or consciously push it a little bit

Posted : 11/12/2018 6:41 pm


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