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Would FAGGA, MSE or surgery work best for me?  

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Basically I have a recessed lower jaw and a slight overbite (although my molars come together well - it's just that the bottom front teeth sit slightly behind the top ones. I don't have a jet). If I stick my fingers in my ears and move my jaw up and down, I feel the bones moving in there. I read that this is a sign that your lower jaw is too far back.

TMJ wise, I have problems. My jaw clicks every time I open it, and clicks even more when I chew. If I chew something tough like a bagel, my jaw sometimes locks  - I can't open my mouth past a certain point without "popping" it open, which obviously feels horrible. I get scared that one day, it's going to stay locked (even though it usually fixes itself after a few minutes). If I jut my mandible out a little, all of the popping and locking stops. So clearly my lower jaw is not in its correct position and needs to come forward. But right now it's as far as it can go given the position of my maxilla and my bite. 

I don't think I look like I have a recessed maxilla, at least nothing serious. In fact I think I have either average or slightly above average forward growth (hard to tell). The line from my iris to the base of my nose is quite slanted (I think this shows forward growth). 

I have quite good skull development in terms of having a thick brow bone, deep set eyes, and quite prominent zygos (forward and lateral), even though I was a mouth breather and a thumb sucker as a kid. Clearly my mandible has had its progress stunted to some degree, and I'm guessing it's because my lower teeth are stuck behind the upper ones? 

I'm not sure what the general story is for correcting an overbite like mine, i.e. when the molars sit nicely on each other but the bottom front teeth sit slightly behind the top ones. Maybe by building up the back molars with crowns? 

Anyway I could also do with a little palate expansion to make my tongue fit better up there. However I'm not sure how that would affect my bite given the lower arch wouldn't expand with it  - photo of my bite attached. 

I feel like my maxilla needs to come forward a little and maybe even slightly up as well - that would allow my mandible to swing out and upwards, and resolve my TMJ issues. 

I've read some threads on both FAGGA and MSE and my head is swimming with all the details. Does anyone have any idea of which one sounds like the one to go for with my situation? Or even if surgery would be a better option. 


Posted : 08/12/2018 2:19 pm
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Posted : 08/12/2018 10:18 pm