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Whats the best expander for lateral growth?  

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Hello my name is Alex. I’am from Europe. I’am pretty new in all this mewing movement and especially orthotropics. I’am 26 years old and I never knew how much was tongue posture important. Through my life I was mostly nose breather, but I know that in the middle of the puberty I was breathing through the mouth for maybe 2-3 years. At that time I was exclusively chewing food on my left side so today I have aysmmeyrical face and underdeveloped lower jaw with narrow smile and palate. My left jaw is wider then my right. I found that my upper palate doesn’t have enough space for my tongue. IMW is 36mm. I want to get to 50mm zone. I’am not professional, but I think than I have good forward growth but lack the lateral one. Now I’am in doubt which device is the best for my case. From what I read, I’am not sure if I want AGGA. I was searching a lot about DNA, but heard that only accomplish alveolar ridge expansion. I mailed the clinic who offers the DNA treatment. They confirm that DNA only expand palate not the actual jaw, skelet. But I would really like to get some mandibule and maxilla expansion. From what I know this is only possible with MSE/MARPE.

If anybody have experience with different kind of appliances, please let me know. What’s are cons and pros of DNA vs MSE?

I‘am very thankful for every kind of information. This forum is definitely one of the best things for craniofacial development. I’am attaching some pics to get better point of view.

 Thanks guys!

Posted : 09/03/2020 5:16 pm
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pros of MSE is that you get a lot of expansion your face can get the nose gets wider (the inside so like more space so it's isn't going to get blocked)

more tongue space, palate drops


-hurts a lot after it's put in

-need braces after it

- it doesn't expand the mandible so you need a solution for that

you can also try a hyrax expander 

the only cons that are 

- you need braces after treatment

- less tongue space because it's in between the teeth

- it's harder to talk

-hard to swallow

Posted : 11/03/2020 3:43 am