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What is the best course of action for a 20 year old to get structural changes?

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I'm sure many 20-22's like myself feel as if the walls are closing to make any significant structural changes. I feel like it's now or never to work hard and become the best version of myself. I'm 21 in January and so I want to dedicate the second half of the year to working my [Rude Language will not be tolerated] of mewing. My aim is for 4-5 hours per day (on average) walking around my room hard mewing (properly) with a good chin tuck, while eating about 2600 calories my maintenance is about 1800, so I need a decent amount more because I'll be burning a fair bit hard mewing 4 hours per day. Also I chew things like raw carrots and semi cooked broccoli for 30-60 minutes every day to work out the jaw...I'm willing to work hard and would appreciate some help. 

My face is decently down swung so I look better from the front, especially since I have decent genetics. 

What are the main opinions on intermittent fasting?

I'm skinny, should I gym? Remember if I gym that going to give me 3-5 hours less time to hard mew per week. If I can gain muscle later when my mewing results will slow down, should I skip the gym to 1-2 years? Or does gym work somehow help stimulate mewing results?

What about other posture exercises/neck strengthening exercises? Hanging from a bar? Or should I literally just aim to spend as much time as possible hard mewing with a chin tuck?

I'm currently sleeping on my back on bed with a rolled up towl to support neck..... yes? no? I heard you still need some support for the neck......


My main goal is to shorten my face/gonial angle from the side. Also aiming for more pronounced cheekbones to the side rather than the front of my face (to make it more square as opposed to long) 

thanks guys

Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2019 7:37 am
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Mewing should be something that you do that blends in your daily life, so you do it while living your life.

Except scheduled sessions of chin tucking, maybe. 

Best way to improve posture is to lift weights and educate yourself on the physical matters. You can't keep a good posture if you don't have a bit of muscle. Glutes, lower back, abdominals, upper back, posterior deltoids, all important for a good posture.

Posted : 09/07/2019 2:00 pm
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thanks for responding

1- yeah obviously in daily life. But I want to get some real structural changes. Not going to change much by soft mewing at 20.

2-Why just chin tucking? why not also hard mewing?

3- So I suppose then It would be recommended for me to gym at least 3 times a week? And all those muscles and improved posture will help with chin tucking.... which will help me hard mew. Again, I agree with what u say, but if I can currently hard mew with a good chin tuck, are all those other things really necessary for improved facial structure. (And again, it's not about whether gym is good or not. I'm asking whether 30 hours of hard mewing and 5 hours of gym would be more beneficial for my facial structure, or 35 hours of hard mewing.............. that's what i'm asking here.....

Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2019 3:01 pm
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If you really want fast changes... jaw surgery is it.  I don't know what the issue is...

Maybe get some free orthodontic consults?

Posted : 09/07/2019 6:39 pm
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Jaw surgery might technically improve some stuff. but can't everyone tell something has been done to ur face? you get less of a natural look

Topic starter Posted : 10/07/2019 4:51 am