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What Bad Tongue Posture during Puberty did to my face

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Man, I had GREAT tongue posture from birth to 13, and my jaw, cheeckbones, and bone around my eyes were quite good. My overall posture was good. At 13, I began to grow a tiny mustache, and still looked childish, so I assume I had MUCH more growth and maturation to occur.

Then, I started watching a lot of shows on my stomach, sleeping on my jaw...kinda forcing an under bite. When I slept at night, I got used to the position and slept like this. This caused my anterior pelvic tilt and forward head posture and under bite, and within 4 months my skin lost its glow, my facial form lost its robustness, my posture got awkward. I am now 17, and 4 years later I am now less attractive than average, my face is asymmetrical, my posture still sucks, and I lost my typical "glow" I had. Side note- my tongue. posture SUCKS right now.

I have pictures (sorry cannot post) which show that 13 YEAR OLD me had bigger jaw muscles than me now, and all my bones were slightly better formed back then and my skin even glowed.

I am depressed. I feel like someone cursed me. I messed up during the most crucial developmental periods of my life, and I do not think I can get back to my genetic potential no matter how much I mew. Trust me, I am below average. and I went from a good looking teen to this. Even my upper body muscles- neck, abs, and traps, shrunk probably because of bad posture for 4 years straight. Muscles that should grow with puberty.

I know I cannot make up for it, but please give me advice. Can I make up for the growth? Will I be anywhere near genetic potential?


Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2019 12:45 pm
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It sounds like the underbite is to blame... because of the poor positioning...  There is jaw surgery.  Check out this:   The airway is key to health.  There are things to do for airway health... but a recessed chin is difficult to live with.  It affects energy levels, is a risk factor for TMD and OSA.  I don't know if there's any growth left of your mandible... usually you have to shape it when you grow.  Because of a loved one in a similar situation... literally his recessed mandible wrecked his life (TRUST ME - I KNOW!)... he's in his 30's, lives at home, has sleep schedule all over the place.  It's a sad, sad situation.  I'd consider looking into a MAD device for sleeping at night.  I wouldn't stress that it pulls the maxilla back.  Get a sleep study.  When health is at stake, aesthetics can take a back seat.  I think that there are some options.  Ex.. how you sleep plays a factor...  etc.  Here's some quick things on airway that may be helpful:   But really, that is more for growth/development.  That can still help, possibly... but less with facial development.  You'll definitely need to take a close look at your sleep.  Here's something that helped me...

However, you may benefit from a polysomnograhpy or overnight oxymetry?

Posted : 19/02/2019 2:33 pm
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Oh yes... I was going to suggest a few consults with orthodontists in your area!  At your age... there are things. Even has stuff.. basically adjusting the teeth positioning without cutting into the mandible can do something.  Nobody on had jaw surgery.  Point is...there are options.

Posted : 19/02/2019 3:05 pm
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Everyone in this forum when learned about tongue posture, started making crazy theories of when everything started going wrong, these thoughts leads to nothing, don't be depressed, 17 is still a very good age to correct your posture, you still have bones and mass to grow until your 21/22's.

You found the plausible problem now fix it, you can reverse it, and being depressed won't help.

The only curse you got is the curse of knowledge, the consciousness of knowing every detail of your problem + the feeling of "if I did this" "I could have done that" "it would be different" only makes you on a spiral of useless thoughts.

First of all, be thankful for what you got, imagine you could be much worse, or you could have a serious disease that would make you unable to fix anything.

Use this knowledge in your favor to improve yourself, instead of using the knowledge to be harsh on yourself with thoughts of "oh this could be different if I knew"

Posted : 19/02/2019 11:09 pm
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There is evidence though limited of progress beyond 25, you're still young, work at mewing and body posture like you life depends on it and throw in some hard mewing and you will improve

Posted : 05/03/2019 4:25 pm