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The "right" way...

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Hello, it is been a long time and I stopped researching about mewing. My posture also got a little bit worse, althought it is still okay.

However I am still trying to figure out, anecdotally and logically, how you should use the tongue to move different parts of your maxilla.

My goal would be a better supported eye are, specially my under eyes.


I saw results where this area improved, however it was always a different routine.

I know there is no consensus in "mewing the right way" but because of the fact that here are people that also self experimented I type this down.

Do you have a idea how one can mew or even facepull to get the middle part of the face more forward?


I am also scared that my face becomes even shorter, so should I avoid hard mewing and the teeth contact thing? I just want more forward growth, specially in the midface area.


Topic starter Posted : 07/04/2021 7:06 am
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Those black eyes...I guess violent bonesmashing wasn't the answer haha

Anyways, it is hard to say "just do this" because not everybody has the same kind of palate or bone structure to make such advice applicable to everyone. At least in my own case, despite following all of this stuff for 5 years, I think a lot of time was spent trying to impose a very unnatural type of posture, either trying to lock my own muscle chain into an upright soldier to try and exert a certain force or just plain jamming my tongue up as hard as possible, which obviously didn't work. I think especially in the past year or two just making sure my posture felt correct enough has been an afterthought - there is a noticeable amount of pressure when it's resting in a decent position, but the paradox is that it needs to become natural to the point where you aren't going to think about it at all, which pretty much causes you to not think about looks maxing in general; so much so that it's possible to gradually lose the posture and never notice.

Of course the factor of it taking time is the biggest pill, since we all want instant gratification. You should probably just experiment with trying to find the best feeling posture that you can enact without forcing it and then just be patient.

Posted : 07/04/2021 3:58 pm