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"Strong REVERSED forward growth"!! perfect forward growth as kid and teenager untill age 19 after that reversed maxillary change due to posture. Age now 23

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I am a guy of the age 23 and just about now I was getting really deep into mewing. I got to the point where I was pefectly able differentiate between the different Features of the face from a bone perspective. So I finally realized what caused to make my face appear the way it does. My maxilla is sunken down a bit, on the left side stronger than on the right side, causing a assymmetrie.

BUT as child I had a perfect Symmetrie and strong forward growth. So I thought that it must have been the teenage years where I developed wrong, like most or many. Especially cause I had braces from around 15/16 -17. I was always sure, that it was the braces that caused it. But then I was looking at some pictures from when I was 17-18-19 Post braces and I was shocked, to See that still then my face did have a pretty strong forward growth and from the side I did look completly different. It is sure, that it was the time post-19 untill now, where I developed a recessed maxilla! At age 22 I already had the more sunken face. So we are speaking of a 2-3 year window. 

Ironicly I developed a sunken and uneven face Post teenage years AFTER having finished the main growth stage with a perfect forward face. 

I am not 100℅ sure what caused it excatly cause its basicly three factors playing to it. But did develop a horrible body posture around this time, this must have had a huge impact. The assymmetrie was caused by this pretty sure because I discovered muscular inbalances now! My left neck muscles are much more shorter and tighter, drawing down my back constantly for the last few years. On old pictures my head and shoulder is ALWAYS more down on the left. So guys really pay attention to that! ts a small Detail that has a huge impact. The muscular inbalances got fixed in a matter of a few days!  Just some Stretching and done! But still its the whole maxilla that was shrinking and not just the left side, so my big question is, if just posture that caused this in a time of 2 years ! ?

Another factor is the fixed retainer on my upper teeth (fixed wire). Also I , got my wisdome teeth removed at age 15 pre braces. But I am not sure if these two factors play a role in all that, since I already was  full grown and at the Finish of the teenage growth years when I started to develop unwell. So its was not, that I developed wrongly as I Grew older, but that I developed just fine but then relapsed cause of Leck of tongue support and downwars posture. Or do you think that Post 19 I continued having face growth, but beeing wrongly Stimulated by all the factors? Here the extraction of wisdome tooths and the retainer could have had a strong impact but I doubed that I was still growing in the face after 19, so I suppose it was just the posture. 

I am just completly surprised and I think its crazy that this happened in a matter of 2 years. The change is big. What you can say to this? Do you think it does change anything about my perspective of mewing. Will I gain faster results since I just wanna "go back" to how it was before, like with "muscle memory" Where you train back  lost muscles much faster than it took to build them at the first time - this as an analogy. When I went from a forward face to a down face in 2 years, will it be possible to have this Reversed in the same time? Will it ever be possible? 

Also important: my lower jaw is still like it was before. Really wide and straight forward with strong masseters. From the Front my face therefore doesnt appear really long and the difference at first Sight is not huge. Its just from the side where you really can See it. But when you take a closer look also from the front, the difference are obvious, especially for me or for someone who knows about this stuff. Especially the eye area is so different. Crazy how the maxillary Position can change the appearance of a face. 

For me has also a good side, it proofes, how the muscles form the bones. It also is a proof that mewing can work. Its a reversed mewing case! 

Guys let me Know, if anybody is out there who did experience sth similar and let me know if you have any more ideas if this changes anything on my perspective on mewing and if yes how.

If I See more interest for this post, I can also post before and after pictures. Its a really obvious case. But for know let me know what you think.


Topic starter Posted : 11/07/2020 8:33 am
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read every word. Do you have pics so we can see exactly what is going on?

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Posted : 11/07/2020 9:17 am
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I deleted this, but I'll repost it.


I was looking at pics of me when I was 12 and my jawline is way more defined. Maxilla looks noticeably better too - of course smiling in the first pic makes it more visible, but I have a good lip line and my nose looks pretty well supported. The 2nd photo, my mouth is only open a little bit and the difference seems pretty obvious compared to now at near 27. I never had braces, severe allergies, facial trauma, etc. or anything I can think of that would explain it. I'm underweight in both time periods as well.


Posted : 14/07/2020 3:21 pm
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Please post your before and afters. Your case seems to be an interesting one to study. As for your recession, you already seem to have the answer to why it occurred. Regarding if you can get back to where you once where, I would just encourage you to try and see. You should want to have good posture regardless, for your healths sake.

Posted : 14/07/2020 5:06 pm