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Debate that chewing gum won’t change your face.  

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Wasting money & time on chewing gum is so dumb. Its literally just wasting energy. Its not going to make your face look wider, that’s from palatal expansion, and genes which you cannot achieve by chewing gum. 

Its not helping the forwards growth either, it’s actually taking time away from proper posture which is what ACTUALLY makes change. Standing in a chin tuck position is what creates forwards growth. 

It’s not going to give your jaw definition, that’s from forwards growth which is bone structure.

its not going to make your jaw look strong, the masseter muscle is a tiny little thing at the end of the jaw that looks ridiculous when grown 😀 

hope someone takes sense and focuses on what’s actualyl important. 

Posted : 15/10/2019 4:11 am
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This is not true at all. Chewing exercises changed my face so much that I stopped doing it. It grows your muscles around the mandible that with which you do the chewing. If you do front chewing, with something like a jawzrsize, its more centrally focused, but you will still most definitely achieve grows. The face is absolutely full of muscles that are very intricately interlinked. Don't think for a second that you can't change the way your face looks with exercises. I literally gained so much mass around my cheeks and jaw that I started to look like a chipmunk, so I stopped. There's definitely a limit to how much it will make you look better, but it most definitely makes you look different.

Posted : 15/10/2019 11:51 pm
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There was this study done relatively recently which showed that chewing will increase the bone density of the mandible and thus widen it, making your jaw look stronger. Chewing is also important in developing hollow cheeks, as it will stretch out the skin. Furthermore, working the masseter muscles is important to help keep the mouth closed at all times when not eating or speaking, especially during the night. In addition, strong masseter muscles signals good functioning, and a lot of models and attractive people have very large masseters (think Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher etc). 


Posted : 17/10/2019 1:59 pm
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Masseters widening doesn't do much to make one's midface shorter or to even increase fwhr. Cheekbones do more for that and palate widening does more for the midface and the nose.

Masseter widening just gives one a bloated face or square face. 

Posted : 17/10/2019 2:45 pm
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There is a study posted on here showing that chewing/ strong masseters causes a positive clockwise rotation of the maxilla bringing the back section up and the forward section down. The mandible then comes forward via counter clockwise rotation because hinge type effect. If maxilla is already downswung im unsure this would be a positive thing , really need the tounge at the front of the palate providing counter clockwise force too helping to bring everything upwards. At least thats my take on it

Posted : 18/10/2019 2:11 am