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Pushing saliva and food up into my nose when properly swallowing with the back of the tongue. Normal?  

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Hi, i've been hard mewing for about 3 months, with the last month of that 3 month period being consistently proper tongue posture (took me about 2 months before i had the tongue strenght and mind-muscle connection to be able to get both the posterior and middle part of the tongue against my palate) and implemented proper posture and occassional chin tucking, i've also been properly swallowing for about 1,5 month now, but i've been noticing that i push saliva and food (when eating of course) up into my nose a bit when i push the food upwards with the posterior third of my tongue, is this normal? Or temporary? Should i keep going like this? Am i pushing my tongue too far back? Is it due to a recessed palate? (as in: back into my head, in need of more forward growth)

To my experience the discomfort does seem to subside so i'm inclined to say to just keep going like this but i'm not sure since i'm not sure if it should (or shoul've i should say) be this uncomfortable. Along with that i'm curious if others have perhaps experienced something similiar. Like i'm kind of implying it's probably fine but i'm curious nonetheless.

Posted : 22/11/2018 12:20 pm
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As a follow up on this for any curious readers, this experience did pretty much subside completely with time. Problem solved. 

Conclusion: just keep mewing.

Posted : 05/01/2019 2:38 pm