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overbite fixable  

Bruno K.
Active Member

Hey guys, I have been mewing, chewing and improving my posture for 9 months now with pretty decent results, however my biggest flaw in my opinion is still my overbite (as you can see in the two profile photos) and it didn’t change. When I close my mouth my upper incissors fully cover my lower incissors as you can see in the other two pictures. I have a decent forward grown maxilla, my intermolar width is 41 mm ( while the distance of my lower jaw is less, so I assume my upper intermolar width shouldn’t get much bigger) and the rest oft he face is pretty normal. Therefore I just can’t understand the cause for this overbite. Maybe it might be just bad luck or genetics?


Anyways I want to ask you guys if you can think of a cause or even better of a further treatment. If not I can also live happily with it, keep mewing and improving my posture 😉


Cheers guys and thanks a lot

Posted : 31/07/2018 12:38 pm
Rockyp33 liked
Trusted Member

👍 face looks good. 41 mm is good, but it will likely go up into high 40s, 46 mm maybe. Front incisors seem to be in proper position with no overjet. Shouldn't mandible teeth adapt to changes in the maxilla teeth? The mandible adapts to changes in the maxilla. Its possible more widening will occur in the front arch allowing lower incisors to adopt a different position ending the overbite later on.

Curious, my overbite is smaller, I get 1/3 lower teeth showing and I have a 3 mm overjet / can consider the front incisors to be over-erupted, which isn't the case in your pictures.

I hope you get a decent response from someone more knowledgeable, I'd be interested in this as well.

Posted : 01/08/2018 2:07 am
Reputable Member

yeah my overbite isnt chanign either

Posted : 01/08/2018 2:51 am
Active Member

BUMP!,  I have same issue with overbite and i didnt found any info in the forum 🙁 

Can someone help ?

Posted : 15/12/2018 1:39 pm

As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

Your input could help many, many people

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