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My Story and 6 Month of Mewing Result

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Hello Great People's

at the end of the last year i found mewing and start doing it  below i am attached before and after images i am fixed my bad posture and also rid my double chin as you can see in images and remember i am not lose any body weight

but i think mewing not work in forward growth as i can't see any change in forward growth tell me guy's what you think is there any forward growth ? 

in my opinion i think mewing not working here because i have very deep bite with curve of spee  and crowded mandible and even one of member of this forum said that i should stop mewing 

so guy's here i need your help and advice for which treatment should i go for braces , AGGA, or any other treatment as my orthodontic suggest me braces 

my first goal is to increase mandible width as it's smaller then my upper jaw and also increase the length of mandible to make my lower third better

2nd) i want to fix my deep bite with curve of spee and crowded teeth's 

3rd) i want to increase my forward growth  

as i am from third world country and here mostly orthodontics apply braces to fix crooked teeth's  

Topic starter Posted : 03/08/2019 1:48 pm
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About whether you experienced forward growth, it is challenging to say because your pictures cannot be precisely aligned. I don't know if the change was the focal length of the camera, the distance, or the angle, or some combination of them. Remember that changes in adults can be measured in mere millimeters, especially over a period of months, so it's important to get all the details as close as possible when taking before/after images. That means using the same camera, taking the photo from the same distance, and making sure your head is at the same angle with respect to the lens. If you wanna try to match the "before" photo a little more closely I'll take another crack at aligning it for ya. (By the way, showing as much of the eye as possible makes alignment more accurate.)

Posted : 03/08/2019 9:33 pm