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From bimax to prognathism to braces to mewing  

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Here is my story. When I was 10 until 17 I developed bimax. It was pretty bad. O had forward head posture, I rounded my shoulders, and I walked very awkwardly . I was a child with little activity. Didn't do sports as I was largely unathletic (which seems to be a common issue among many CFD sufferers). 

When I was 18 and went to college I really got into lifting .I definitely think it helped my posture. I certainly was standing better but at this point I was finally diagnosed with asthma. I don't know if it was because I walked straighter but my bimax went away. It was replaced with prognathism however as the roof of my maxilla collapsed and my teeth tipped out, causing my mandible to protrude and my eyes to lose support and my upper lip came behind my lower one in profile.

When I was 20 I thought ortho would save me. It would get rid of my prognathism aand I would finally look normal. So dropped 3k down for a 3 year treatment that included extractions from the mandible which allowed it to fit further back inside my outer U of the maxilla. Then my proclined incisors were subjected to elastic forces which gave them a negative inclination once everything was done.

My profile definitely lost its prognathic quality but now the narrowing of my lower arch (after the lower bicuspid gaps were closed) caused the extra skin to sag. Also, this feminized my face as it essentially reduced my lower third height and made my lips pout like a duck face.  

My gums were now more exposed when I smiled. Previously they never were but now they were fully visible. I kept on analyzing the profiles of people I knew and I eventually noticed that the distance from my upper incisors  to my nose was incredibly long. My upper jaw was so far behind my nasion that now my nose looked very prominent. On top of this wearing glassed was uncomfortable due to how close my eyes were to the lens. No matter. I didn't know these were deficiencies I just wore my retainer like a trooper . For 3 years.

Around the time I was 26 I thought I lost my retainer for good. Honestly I think this really helped. I eventually got another Hawley made (when I was 29 lol).

At 31 I discovered mewing through the web. I started only able to go behind the alveolar ridge due to narrowness near the front. Also my front maxilla was very asymmetrical so if I did move my tongue forward to the incisive papilla it would be very crooked in its position. So for a few months (like 5) I half mewed until at about month 6 I got my tongue all the way to the incisive papilla.

Let me say the results have been great. Eye support? Increased. No more old man tired eyes. Face width? Finally there. I used to have to let the barber cut my top hair more even to my sides because of how horse like my face was. As my palate expanded my zygos came out and now I have to keep bald sides due to increase in face width.

What else? Lots more. Duck lips? Slowly but surely going away. My profile is becoming more concave and masculine which I love. My chin is projecting more and more. My face had gotten longer over the years but now it is shortening at the midface. Scleral show is almost fully eliminated (left eye has a slight amount). 

Mewing and posture changes have helped so much. But I don't think I could have made as quick progress had I not set up the postural foundation through weight lifting or high calorie eating beforehand. It was sort of my way of being athletic. Even though I rested my tongue on my mandible I made a conscious effort to keep my jaw closed at all times even with masseters flexed (they had to be because the tongue weighed the mandible down) .

Also I think ditching my Hawley retainer helped . Even with tongue on mandible position this I feel allowed my palate to widen again due to maybe relapse. After all even though my upper jaw received no extractions the arch was narrowed by elastics. 

I don't think if the previous 5 years of losing the retainer and focusing on fitness + ccalories did not happen then I feel like my progress would not have been so good. I feel like if your bones are housed in the body of an unfit person, they are less likely to move. Kind of like how when I started lifting my bimax sort of morphed into prognathism and at least my mandible grew.

I attribute my mewing progress not just to technique but to lifestyle. I feel if the lifestyle isn't there, progress may be painstakingly slow. 

Posted : 26/05/2018 11:44 pm
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Posted : 10/04/2019 7:43 am
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Thanks for sharing your story. Very interesting and inspiring. Sounds like quite the facial rollercoaster.

Posted : 27/04/2019 3:59 pm