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Feeling one side more while mewing  

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I have one wisdom tooth coming out on my right side at the back of my upper palate, while my left side isn't that far yet in terms of developing wisdom teeth. I suspect that the wisdom tooth on the right side is somehow making the perceived pressure on the right side of palate feel more intense compared to the left, because of this, i like to focus more on the left side, inclined that the left side will otherwise not expand as much as the right. Is this concern valid? Is this something i need to take into account and therefore focus more on the left side at certain times? Or is this simply just the perception of more pressure at one side due to assumebly the wisdom tooth, but in reality not actually the case? (i normally don't consciously push laterally more towards one side, so the force output from the tongue is the same, it's just that the force feels better received at one side (right) compared to the other)


Thoughts on this? Has anyone ever had something similiar?

Here's an accessory picture of my upper palate (flattering pic): 


I know that this is kind of a nitpicky thread but i want to be absolutely sure i'm not jeopardizing my mewing results and get a more asymmetrical e.g.

Posted : 05/01/2019 4:48 pm
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yeah for me tho my shittier side has my wisdomn coming in but on my good side i dont feel it yet

Posted : 05/01/2019 4:55 pm