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Elco 33 open bite and slightly convex profile

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Looking to understand the best way to correct my bite - My old orthodontist recommended braces but I feel this isn't the right avenue to go down. I have done braces in the past with some minimal palate expansion, before that I had a severe cross bite - I think due to sucking my thumb as a child and improper tongue placement. Currently my bite is open, upper palate pretty narrow, bad tongue posture (I see in videos that often my lips will be open and tongue slightly out when I'm concentrating) teeth crowding, and also asymmetries starting to happen in my nose and eyes.

I've been looking into Mewing and just started to document my process yesterday and would love any other tips on how to treat my upper palate. I'm thinking about getting a palate expander and working on head / neck posture as well as continuing the mewing process.


Topic starter Posted : 24/06/2020 10:09 pm
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Im 32 and due to the virus and other issues i started lifting seriously and this led to a total body remodeling. I had serious pelvic tilt from studying-working-hobying while sitting and other muscle weakneses that im fixing and the changes are pretty astonishing, search how the pelvis is connected to the jaw. I would suggest you just start hitting the gym or doing calistenics at home or whatever works for you, stretchings, etc. work on your neck posture, work on your mewing, and so on. And only after many months of getting in shape then if you still want to, go for MSE or whatever works for you. 

Said this, you are pretty good looking as you are right now (at least in those photos), i wouldn't get any appliance as it is most likely going to create or increase your asymmetries (specially MSE) or going to move your teeth around without accomplishing much. Check jawhacks for information on MSE, etc.

Posted : 28/06/2020 11:29 pm