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Difficulty keeping my teeth together without clenching  

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I  used to mew with my teeth quite apart until some time.For some reason i have difficult keeping my teeth together especially the molars.Sometimes i manage to do this but most of the times my anterior teeth tend to be in contact or in more contact compared to my molars.Also, sometimes i seem to clench a bit which is bad.For some reason my bite forces tend to be stronger in the front part of my bite than the back.I dont know why this happens.Is this because i used to move my jaw forward to have a better profile despite having unaturraly bite(ionly front teeth were in contact) 5 months ago?(yes i was clueless)Is it sth wrong with my bite.I have been told i have class 1 bite as i had braces.8 months ago my chin was a bit reccesed despite not having an overbite(strange)Now its ok(to ridge level and maybe a bit  more forward.Anyway i want to mew with my teeth closed for better outer u but i dont know why i have difficulty keeping my molars together.The forces which keep my anterior bite together are stronger than the forces which i can manually create to keep molars together without cleching.I would like an advice.If I  continue to try will it become easier.Also, how you can easilly understand if you clench?

Posted : 05/01/2019 10:22 am