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Cant mew properly because of asymmetry

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Hi all! First off, does anyone know where to find more info about this person?(attached pic) All I know is she used an expander and removed tongue tie? Does Mike mention her in a video, how long did she mew, and what was her routine? Insane results. My facial growth is becoming similar to her before pics. If it werent for all this asymmetry..

Im 24 now, have had bad tongue and body posture for 20 years, tmj disorder for 12 and one-side chewing for 7 years on left side.

Probably chewed more on the right before, because the reason i started using the left in the first place is after noticing my right is bigger, thinking it would even out. Boy was I wrong.

I fear that my asymmetry will worsen unless I get a palate expansion alongside asymmetry fixing by an ortho. Is that a thing? Should I fly out to an orthotropic? There none in the Philippines.

Started mewing 2 months ago and, made my higher eye even higher, but fixed that a bit with my hands. Its still higher ofcourse. The thing is, theres so many other bones and that cant be good for those. Even a little pressure and I automatically feel my already higher side go higher. I started pushing more on the lower side but it seems to lower the jaw of the already higher+longer side.

My left side is the smaller “boneless” and more recessed looking side is the one I chewed with. It has wide palate and straight teeth.

My right and way “overdeveloped” looking side has much smaller palate and was fuked mainly by the longer, lower and sharper teeth.

Resulted in higher forehead, lower chin, higher eye and brow. It seems to have more distance from the ear, thus shrinking the other side further. Guess the whole skull is pointed more to the left. There is some crowding below and the front tooth overlaps the chewing side. The upper teeth seemed to have pushed all the lower teeth down, possibly the jaw have deformed from this too.

I did fix the jaw pain after 1 month, after realizing it was simply from my tongue using the nearer, recessed palate as an anchor and pushed my face all the way to the right. It still is. But theres still cracking behind and below the ear when i turn my neck. Includes the middle line of palate shifting to right.

Posted : 24/08/2019 9:03 am