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Quick background: hit 25 y old, become aware of my looks (didn't care about it before). I never took any selfies so I had no idea that my face is asymmetrical, nose is crooked and I have dark circles under eyes that just won't go. Additionally my teeth occlusion is weird. I can't protrude upper teeth over lower. It just stays in perfect alignment. Been to an orthodontist, but he said it was normal...yeah right. I've read it may lead to teeth grinding and even worse. From frontal view mouth is moved to right, which is noticeable and left brow is slightly higher than the right one. I think it's all connected.

So after my "discovery" I've been watching/reading about mewing. My IMW is about 45mm. I've had tendency to not hold my tongue on the palette and mewing feels like something abnormal to me. On top of that, I've had quite bad overall body posture.

So here I come for your advice before I go to another ortho and waste money on braces or worse.

I'm including side profile pics. I may include frontal ones later.

pic 1. regular side profile, around 20% body fat so not good anyways. pic 1

pic 2. completely sucked air so that you can see the bone structure. Also head is protruding here intentionally, my regular posture is in the first pic. Pic in the attachment.

Do you see any major issues with development?


Posted : 08/01/2019 3:48 am
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my man you already have a pretty great starting jaw but you alreaddy probably know that.. if their in perfect alignment then your in even greater starting position! pretty much all you have to do is mew correctly and slowly your face will improve

Posted : 08/01/2019 10:45 pm
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Hello, haven't looked at the forum for quite a bit.

During this time I went to three different, supposedly "VERY GOOD" doctors. First one said that everything is fine with my "edge-to-edge bite". I didn't even pay him. Then went to another doc,  he didn't want to do some more damage and sent me to the 3rd one, who was suppossed to be an expert in that. I asked him about everything wrong with my face. He wanted to fix my e-to-e bite by removing two bottom wisdom teeth and slightly moving the bottom row of teeth backwards. I thought it was ridiculous idea as  already didn't (well, still don't) have a protruding chin. I asked him about my midface as I thought it was retruded. Basically dark circles, nbot very hooded eyes, crooked nose, afaik are all symptoms of retruded maxilla. His answer? "EVERYTHING IS FINE, NO PALATE EXPANSION NEEDED, WE LEAVE IT AS IT IS". He even said, that my vertically tilted jaw is ok, cause "EVERYONE HAS A DEGREE OF ASYMMETRY".

I was so mad, I simply gave up as there seem to be no competent docs here in poland. Now I'm back at it again and want some advice. I've been mewing all that time and chewing mastic gum (not very often). I've noticed my cheekbones are slightly more visible, but eye area haven't changed.

Do you think getting full facial scans and sending it to docs around the world would get me an answer. I just need a proper diagnosis and some will to fix it.

Posted : 24/10/2019 1:31 am