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Assessment on my jaws and occlusion  

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Hello everyone. I want to make a post today on my occlusion and jaw placement.


Firstly here is a photo of my front profile (molars touching):

I see that my lower jaw looks narrow and small. It also looks set back. My cheekbones look flat.


Here is my side profile (molars touching):

I hope my head tilt is neutral in this photo if not let me know. I notice my maxilla doesn't look too long however the mandible is set back, is short and the ramus is short which I believe is from an overly CW rotated maxilla. My chin is also short. 

Here is a photo of my occlusion from the front (molars touching):

While I am no orthodontist what I make of this is that the canines look a bit tilted inwards and my palate looks narrow.


Here is a photo of my palate:

It looks vaulted and narrow especially at the premolars


Here is a photo of my mandible arch:

Same as before and that molar on the my right looks extremely tilted inwards and will need to be brought in line with the other molars. 


Here is a photo of my occlusion from the kind of the side:

It looks like my lower incisors are proclined a lot so they can fit in the lower jaw as the IMW of the lower jaw is so narrow. This makes me believe this is a big cause for my setback mandible as I believe they should be a lot less proclined than that naturally which should give the mandible more space to slide forward. I dont know what to make of the upper incsiors. I think they are pushed a bit forward too.


My posture before mewing: teeth in contact at molars, biting food with only molars, forward head posture at all times, head tilted back, tongue not on roof of mouth.

To conclude: I believe my CFD consists of a narrow maxilla, narrow mandible, maxilla too CW rotated, not enough space for teeth so bad incisor inclination pushing the mandible back and rotating it further CW rotated than maxilla, set back maxilla. I believe to fix this the best I can I would need to widen both jaws a lot so the teeth have room and the lower incisors dont have to be pushed forward. I think this would make my mandible come forward. Also a CCW maxilla rotation would help a lot if its possible.

I would like to hear your thoughts on if I am right about my observations on my occlusion and jaws. Also if and how you think it can be corrected.

Posted : 18/06/2020 2:17 pm
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good luck on your journey bro

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Posted : 18/06/2020 2:33 pm
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@chiefkeefsosa At his age? He's 18, thus one of the younger posters here. @EddieMoney is over 30 and claims to have results.

@harrykanemaxilla I think your features compensate for your CFD pretty well, there are a lot of people who become quite unattractive with far less damage. And you're not hiding behind a hairstyle, either, so it's pretty impressive. Your palate does look narrow at the premolars and it's visible in the frontal view of your teeth because of those open pockets on both sides of your mouth. (if you know what I mean) An overly clockwise maxilla is probably the other issue, based on the lack of extra facial height that would be in a dropped maxilla, and your eyes also look very deep set.
Your maxilla looks like a bigger problem than your mandible, which doesn't appear to be overly set back IMO, though the dental proclination is evident. Do you ever mew with your teeth apart? Molar contact might not be very helpful to your proclined teeth. Alternatively, slight pressure on those teeth and no molar contact may do something to fix the occlusion.

Posted : 20/06/2020 1:39 am
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@paperbag. Wow , eddie getting results at age 30 is amazing. I've spent the past 30 min trying to find his progress pics but came up empty handed. Im sure he posted them somewhere because he talked so much about his changes. He has to have them in a thread somewhere, cuz if he didnt, i bet alot of people would think he's lying and discrediting the community. 

Could you help me out in finding them man im new to this?


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Posted : 20/06/2020 7:23 pm
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@chiefkeefsosa He hasn't posted photos yet, I think he said it will be done after gaining even more change. I don't doubt his progress, both for how much time he spends posting here and the details on his own case. His starting point sounded like the type that would allow for easier changes, especially at the beginning. (though you should message him for more info if needed, so as not to derail @harrykanemaxilla's thread)

Posted : 21/06/2020 5:43 pm
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Posted by: @harrykanemaxilla

I would like to hear your thoughts on if I am right about my observations on my occlusion and jaws. Also if and how you think it can be corrected.

in my opinion you should search for bimax with ccw rotation. both of your jaws look setback and I don't think with mewing you will get great results. you need to get braces do retrocline your incisors and then get the bimax. of course mewing after getting surgery is gonna be retention and for making sure you don't get back to before 

good luck

Posted : 22/06/2020 8:41 pm