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Any help and advice?

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My brother and father have godly facial structure. Almost 90-degree gonial angles, strong cheekbones, hollow cheeks, and square jaws. I, however, am quite the opposite. My face was pretty short as a kid. I was always a mouth breather because my inflamed tonsils but I still had a pretty short face because of genetics. However, things exponentially worsened when I fell over 30 ft at around 10 years old. I don't remember if it was a nasal cannula or nasogastric tubes placed in my nose but I had tubes going through my nose. I couldn't eat and was fed through an iv tube. My facial and jaw muscles atrophied so I couldn't close my mouth and I had also broken many facial bones. I developed horrible mouth breathing and poor posture consequently. I developed asthma and crooked teeth and my face also swung downwards the following few years. I never ate on the right side of my mouth and it was extremely underdeveloped. I only had crowding on the right side of my mouth being so underdeveloped because of the lack of pressure, the occlusion on the left was perfect. Despite so, my orthodontist removed 4 bicuspids even though I only needed a few mm of expansion which was definitely possible at the age of 14. My ability to maintain proper myofunctional habits diminished completely because of the lack of palate space and all my symptoms of cranial facial dystrophy have maladapted. I'm certain it's because of my braces because when I've factored out every other possible variable that could have contributed, my retractive braces are the only thing left. I'm more sensitive to light, have narrower nasal passages, headache prone, have horrible posture, mouth breathe, have ringing in my ears, and TMJ. These have all gotten to a point where it's negetively affecting all aspects of my life. The only options I have now are to reverse it or continue. If I continue, I will eventually be unable to habituate proper oral habits at all because of the lack of oral volume and my facial complex will develop worse. Mouth breathing is also a major risk factor in developing a plethora of respiratory diseases and developing intellectual disabilities. If I get some sort of growth appliance like agga + control arch braces or mse + facemask + controlled arch braces, I will literally go broke and in debt, without the 100% certainty, my symptoms will go away. I'm wondering if I can just say [Rude Language or Insults are not tolerated] it, full send, take off my braces and mew hard, close my lips, and maintain good posture. The problem with that is my teeth may sink into the extraction site and I may lose them. I'm out of options and really need help. Plus, I have pretty decent cheekbones and slim cheeks, if I manage to achieve three-dimensional growth, my cheeks would hollow, my jaw would sharpen as I'm literally 10% BF, and overall would look like handsome Squidward. Thanks for reading this, I know I overwrite. Have a wonderful day.  

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2019 8:41 am