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Advice needed before starting a new mewing regime

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Hello everyone, hope all of you are in the best of health and fortunes.

I have been mewing, in a mix of hard and soft, for a few months but not continously due to untenable limitations.

I have a narrow palate and my tongue definitely overlaps my molars significantly when I mew. I haven't gained any width yet and thus I am thinking to start a new regime, after consulting the members of this forum instead of just going in blind.

I am 30, and have a deviated septum too which i suspect is from the narrow and high palate encroaching upon the sinus space and buckling the septum. Nasal breathing is about 70% on right nostril, 30% on left and I mouthbreath during sleep.

In addition, I have tried facepulling with a towel for 3 times a day, for about 2 minutes each time. Forcewise, I try to pull until I can hear a distant ringing in my ears and then I stop. So far I have not felt any pain or discomfort from this exercise.

Photos are attached. I hope you can look at it and offer some suggestions on the best way to go forward with my situation. Thank you.

Additional info: I used to chew exclusively on my left side but now I try to balance both sides.



Topic starter Posted : 14/11/2020 2:28 pm