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A possible explanation to all the members expereincing rapid changes while mewing

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Its been about 9 months since i started mewing.I must admit it have seen desirable changes but I always had the feeling my face structures sometimes change  rapidly to the worse or to the better and back again.Many people have say that changes take time including Mike mew but recently i found a very interesting ARTICLE from some specialists orthodontics and myotherapists explaining How swallowing can affect your eye.

That is right,i thought i was swallowing right but i didnt.According to the author tongue thrusting swallow changes the angle of the pallatoglossus.As a result people with wrong swallowing pattern tend to have their palatine bones jammed against their hard palate due to compression from the wrong swallow(resulting in the line which divides the soft pallate from the hard being not flat)Corrext swallowing pattern doesnt change the pallatoglossus angle and doesnt cause a midline compression resulting in a flat transition between soft and hard pallate.The thing  id swallowing correctly have an imediate result in the maxilla decompressing the palatine bones resulting in a maxilla deeper in the skull.I am not an expert a explaining things but you should definetelly have a look at this.Mewing without swallowing right(tip of the tongue too forward) is mostly uselless and frustrating.

Topic starter Posted : 23/10/2018 3:02 pm
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But the guide to proper mewing says to put the tongue tip where the top of the front teeth are. I'll try it and see what sensations I feel, it's pretty hard to swallow this way.  It'll be even harder to mew like this

Posted : 23/10/2018 4:14 pm
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99% sure its just facial dysmorphia and their faces look almost the same+ any mewing results

but yea tongue thrusting is bad 

mewing involves pushing the tongue up against the palate not forward against the teeth when swallowing

Posted : 23/10/2018 11:10 pm
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Very interesting article. I do have that "ridge" separating my hard and soft palate; and I have been a tongue thruster for 1-2 years.


But, correct me if I'm wrong, on the article he doesn't say that you/I are swallowing wrong. He even says "

Correctly Placing the Tongue Can Be Self-Correcting

When the tongue is resting relaxed correctly against the roof of the mouth, it makes a subtle self correcting motion. During cranial and respiratory inhalation, the jaw moves upward closing slightly. When this happens, the tongue subtly pushes up and the intrinsic muscles of the tongue widen spreading the palate apart. During exhalation, the opposite happens. This motion can be enhanced to amplify this self-correcting process."


i.e, this can be reversed by learning proper swallowing. Keep mewing and keep touching your limit between soft/hard palate to see how it evolves.

edit: by looking in the mirror with a lamp, I can notice I have a really visible drawned line in the middle of my palate, going through its length (from behind the incisors to the soft palate). I also have a slightly deviated septum in my nose. My palate seems deep, but I can't compare so I can't really tell. The ridge that I feel with my finger is quiet noticeable, feels like a big motocross bump.

Do you feel this ridge as I do ?

Posted : 24/10/2018 7:25 pm
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Good article, finally something that goes into anatomical details. This explains why one of my nostrils are always very stuffed and why I have this big ridge my palate. Makes totally sense now.

Generally with a high arch, not only is the palate narrow, but there is also a large ridge splitting the palate from left to right along the midline. This ridge is produced by pushing down from above. It makes the hard palate more like the letter “m.” A bone called the vomer sits on top of the suture between maxillary bones along the midline. It helps make up the septum of the nasal cavity. As the arch of the palate raises, the vomer will push down the maxillary bones from above along the midline suture.

Puzzle pieces are starting to fall together, i will make a thread to clarify this + some other thing = new theory about maxilla rotation. 

Posted : 26/10/2018 6:17 am