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19M How recessed is my face currently?  

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Here is an imgur link to side profile pics:

I am currently 19 and have been in braces for a little over a year. I didn't have an overbite or underbite, had a slight crossbite and crowding that got fixed. I have been mewing since a little over the time I first got braces (so mewing for about the past 15-16 months, braces for about the past 14 months). Personally, I don't think I've seen that many results in my side profile from mewing. The biggest changes happened due to the position of my lips changing due to braces. Originally when I first got my braces, my lips stuck out a lot and my profile looked notably worse than before having braces. Now, my profile looks to have gone back to how it looked before any braces.

I will be getting my braces off later this week, and I can post an updated side profile picture of what I look like then. I am also planning to ask the ortho for my original side profile pic because once I have the before/after I probably will have a more accurate means of comparison than the iphone camera with different lighting/angles/etc.

My question is basically, how recessed is my face currently? My biggest problem IMO is flat cheekbones and a weak chin/jaw. I don't think my jaw is that downward grown tbh, and my Mew indicator measurement is around 42mm when I measured it. Also, if anything my lower third is a bit short from the front rather than too long. I am thinking my chin might just be due to genetics at this point since my mom has a small one too. But while my maxilla protrudes past the base of my nose, I also have a hooked nose (which not a single other person in my family has), flat cheekbones (negative orbital vector), and a weak chin, which I have read are all signs of a downswung/recessed maxilla/mandible as well. So I am not sure if my face displays clear recession or not. 

Also, when my braces come off I will be put in a fixed retainer and also be given a removable one to wear at night. One of the reasons I may not have seen progress from mewing is because I was in braces, and I've heard the removable retainer (unlike the fixed one) will also prevent progress. I feel like I may wear the removable retainer for the first few months and then slowly stop. Any feedback on this would be nice as well.



Posted : 19/08/2019 2:10 pm
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Bro, you actually have good forward growth, your maxilla is definitely not recessed.

I did notice your chin could benefit from being more forward.

Learn proper swallowing for better cheekbones.

Posted : 28/08/2019 5:47 am