The Great Work

Human physical forms and mental processes have deteriorated catastrophically since the ibeginning of the industrial era. 


The mind and body are one process: your physical patterns, mental patterns, and life patterns are the same patterns

awareness of patterns allows dissolution 

Tracking the medical sciences used to mitigate symptoms, usually physical. More medical research is being poured into opening the airway,  and correcting the spine and skull. We pay particular attention to growth enhancement devices for the skull., and peer reviewed research for esoteric topics.

Ultimately all the best and most lasting correction must come from your self. YOU created this body. YOU are constantly recreating and maintaining this body. Removing dysfunctional patterns so that your natural blueprint of growth can flourish.  The creator is within.

About the founder

Karan Singh

I started The Great Work almost a decade ago while looking for solutions to our issues. This became a full time project for me – I have spent most of my days focused entirely on healing and research, spreading awareness and gathering more understanding from experts around the globe.

In 2021 I made the decision to move east and research inner correction as my only occupation. Something about the Himalayas called, and I found answers.

Ultimately, you must heal yourself. I’ll do my best to guide and speed up your journey