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Common Tongue Posture Problems and Solutions

There are a variety of issues with development that will cause problems with both achieving and maintaining the proper tongue posture / mewing. Fortunately the body has an amazing capacity to correct and heal itself if given the time and effort – indeed even the bones will reform with pressure over time in accordance to Wolff’s Law. The most common tongue posture issues will be discussed in this article

Guide to Proper Tongue Posture / Mewing

Proper development of the cranio-facial complex and skull imply the proper function of the tongue and jaw muscles. Form and function are tied together; The bones of the skull will develop according to the muscles surrounding them in accordance to Wolff’s law. Proper tongue posture […]

Proper Development of the Skull and Posture after Birth

Through breastfeeding, the child will develop a tongue posture which keeps the tongue comfortable with feeding and resting firmly upon the roof of the mouth/palate. In order to pull milk from the breast, the child must push the breast into the upper palate firmly and […]

Mike Mew Q&A Response Video

Mike Mew responds to community questions submitted by The-Great-Work Users in the Forum